Logo for Story Circle Storytelling combines the intensity of a solo performance with the intimacy of a face-to-face conversation. "Storytelling at its best is mutual creation. Through the interaction between teller and listener, storytelling speaks to the inner child to nurture the human spirit." - Ellin Greene, author of Storytelling: Art & Technique.

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Story Circle produces this roster as a resource for anyone looking for a storyteller. The listings contain the names of accomplished tellers who are available to work in the greater Capital District of New York.

Each storyteller has his or her unique style and each has a diverse repertoire which may include folk tales from a variety of cultures; personal or original stories; literary tales; stories for young people of varying ages, and some more appealing to adults. Chances are whatever kind of program is sought, it can be provided by a teller in the Roster.

Click here to watch many of these storytellers tell.

By offering this service, Story Circle does not intend or imply any specific recommendations. You are encouraged to contact the storytellers directly.
Siri Allison
Fran Combs Berger
Kent Busman
Betty Cassidy
Su Ciampa
Kate Danaher
Alden T. (Joe) Doolittle
Kate Dudding
Frank-Lee Speaking
Margaret French
Marni Gillard
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi
Jeannine Laverty
Eileen Egan Mack
Linda McKenney
Bonnie Mion
Mary Murphy
Nancy Marie Payne
Karen Pillsworth
Sandy Schuman
Dan Testo
Dee Lee Wind
Frank Wind