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Tellabration 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2 pm, The GE Theatre Click here for a large flyer or small flyers or a Tellabration program ad form

Image of bridging the divide

Come hear extraordinary stories about bridging all kinds of divides:
Bufada Christie Keegan
      A personal story
Food From the Farm Joe Peck
      A personal story
The Most Beautiful Bird in the World Eileen Egan Mack
      A Pygmy tale from South Africa
My Mother-in-Law’s Gifts Margaret French
      A personal story
Ruslan and the Giant Nancy Marie Payne
      Adapted from a poem by Alexander Pushkin
The Story of Ruth Eliud Nieves
      A personal story
Israel Janet Carter
      A personal/historical story  

Storytelling -

The Story of an American Soldier Kate Dudding

the world's oldest form of entertainment -

      An historical story   vibrant and alive!
The Magic Folding Screen Jeannine Laverty
      A Japanese folk tale   Click here for videos of our tellers
The Perfect Heart Carol Connolly
      Author unknown, adaptation by Carol Connolly
Emcee: Sandy Schuman

Each year in November, in 200 locations around the world, people gather together to share stories at programs called Tellabration.

Proceeds from our previous Tellabration programs have funded 85 storytelling events at libraries, museums and other locations in the Capital District.


$2 of each ticket is donated to the Schenectady Inner City Ministry Summer Lunch program where they feed 850 children each day. Click here for more info.

  $12 adults * Bring someone new & you each save $2 * Only one discount / person, given on entry to theatre
  $10 groups of 8 or more - No additional discounts may be applied
  $6 students - No additional discounts may be applied


In 2010, 160 people enjoyed some of the best storytellers in the area share their favorite stories. One of those who attended, Pam Mertz, wrote:

"I had no idea what to expect. I knew it would be different than what I have seen and heard at the Interfaith Story Circle events, so my mind and heart were open to a new experience.

I was blown away. I have been at the GE Theater before, but never seen it set up so "sparsely". Just microphones were present on the stage, to give me a clue that's where people would be speaking from. I wondered how the space would be filled, how the audience would react and how I would react.

I knew right from the first story that there was a reason for the sparse set-up. The teller filled the space, the stage, with his/her presence and that was enough. Anything else would have detracted from the beauty of listening to tellers telling for one main reason: the joy of telling and making art with the spoken world.

I had images dancing in my head immediately with Joe Peck's bovine stories. I closed my eyes a few times and listened with more than my ears. I laughed, I sighed, I felt the power of emotion when Kate got choked up. I loved the Niagara Falls story from the 87-year old (wow!) retired teacher. I was in awe most of the time, as these people shared stories that made us laugh, made the audience appreciate what so many young people probably have no clue goes on.

There were many people there (there should have been more -such a shame to see empty seats) who enjoyed a unique, fun afternoon of a little-known art form. Communicating with words that come from our heads and hearts, and that are spoken orally that we listen to.

I am so happy that I went and got a chance to see something so special like this, going on right in our community. It was exciting and a true sensory pleasure,and I thank you all so much.

Everyone should be exposed to this at least once!"

Story Circle is one of the first resident storytelling companies
at a US performing arts center

Proctors, 432 State Street, Schenectady, New York