Logo for Story Circle Storytelling combines the intensity of a solo performance with the intimacy of a face-to-face conversation. "Storytelling at its best is mutual creation. Through the interaction between teller and listener, storytelling speaks to the inner child to nurture the human spirit." - Ellin Greene, author of Storytelling: Art & Technique.

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Storyteller Bonnie J. Mion, MSW

Photo of Bonnie J. Mion (518) 756-8091


Bonnie is a professional hula dancer and storyteller. She has a Masters in Social Work from Yeshiva University and a Bachelorís Degree from Cornell University. She has been trained in acting, voice and diction, psychotherapy, dance, yoga, speech crafting, nutrition, astrology and art. Being addicted to learning and research, she has somehow, over the decades, learned a bit about life, health, happiness and history. Bonnie incorporates her hope, humanity and ethos into all of her performing.

Audiences: Professionals, Adults and Children


Extraordinary Adventures
Sometimes real life is truly more unbelievable than fiction. This is a collection of family and personal adventures that will keep you riveted in anticipation.

Amusing & Dramatic Suffrage Tales: How Women REALLY Won the Vote!
Find out the dramatic and more mundane stories behind this important passage in history.

Egypt: Magic, Mystery & History
Bonnie combines dance and story to highlight the ancient Egyptian culture. She weaves mythology, movement and history into a stunning performance that all ages can enjoy.

Enchanting Hula & Story
Enjoy a lovely Hula dance program that weaves beauty, grace, history and storytelling into one.