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16th Annual Not Just for Kids Storytelling
Montgomery County (west of Schenectady County)
Sunday evenings, end of July through beginning of September
Audience: Families
Information: Janice Fontanella (518) 829-7516

Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site

Sundays at 6:00 pm at the Visitor Center
129 Schoharie Street, Fort Hunter

Summer Stories Under the Maple Tree

Six evenings of stories for audiences of all ages

Painting of the Erie Canal

2008 Programs

July 27

Barbara Aliprantis
“A Daughter of the Aegean’s Storytelling Odyssey”
Amusing, thought provoking family stories and folktales of a Greek-American childhood in Brooklyn, New York

August 3

Heather Forest
“Tales of Womenfolk”
Old tales with a touch of modern femininity, in song, poetry and prose, about heroines who are courageous, resourceful, and embody many facets of strength, unlike the passive princess who waits to be saved by the prince.

August 10

Michael Parent
“Stories and Songs from Maine”
True, poignant and humorous stories about the many interesting characters who live in the quirky, out of the way state (of mind) called Maine.

August 17

Ken Corsbie
“Caribbean Voices”
This Mango Sweeeet….the joys and adventures of growing up in the Caribbean.

August 24

Four Stories High
“Sum-Sum Summertime Stories under the Maple Tree”
Settle back and enjoy Jane Ainslie, Carol Connolly, Mary Murphy and Barbara Palumbo tell original world folktales.

September 7

Joe Peck
“Memories of a Country Boy”
Sixty years worth of great farm stories in upstate New York.

For more information, contact Janice Fontanella, Manager, at (518) 829-7516

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