Logo for Story Circle Storytelling combines the intensity of a solo performance with the intimacy of a face-to-face conversation. "Storytelling at its best is mutual creation. Through the interaction between teller and listener, storytelling speaks to the inner child to nurture the human spirit." - Ellin Greene, author of Storytelling: Art & Technique.

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Storyteller Sandy Schuman

Photo of Sandy Schuman Albany, NY

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"My father was a storyteller," says Sandy Schuman. "It was his everyday way of communicating important values and ideas. I didn't realize I'd followed his example until several years ago. After leading a three-day training program, I read the attendees' evaluation forms. In response to the question, 'What did you like best about the program?' several people responded, 'Sandy's stories.' I had to ask my co-trainer what they were talking about! That's how I found out I was a storyteller."

For years, Sandy Schuman has used storytelling in his work as a management consultant, group facilitator, and trainer. Recently he has been sharing his stories of life, culture, and history with youth and adult audiences, including Tellabration 2001. Using his group facilitation skills, Sandy can help a group to tell its collective story, reconstructing its past, reflecting on the present, and imagining the future.

Audiences: Jr. High, High School, Family, Adult.

Programs: Stories at Work; My Father Was a Storyteller; The Adventures of Cyber Bill and his Virtual Robot, ABE; The Great American Hoax; A Year with Bill Greenfield; The Wisdom of Chelm; and How We Got Our Western Border and Other Fantastic Episodes in New York State History.