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Story Sundays: Stories and Traditions From the Iroquois Longhouse, Apr. 9

Story Sundays: Voice of the Mountains: Jeanne Robert Foster, an Adirondack Legacy, May 7

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Photos of some of Story Circle's performers

Story By Story:
Celebrating the Human Spirit

Joe Doolittle and Kate Dudding are hosting a TV program about storytelling. This series features stories and storytellers from the region as well as upcoming events. We are very grateful to Channel 17, Town of Colonie Government Station, for taping and editing this show. Broadcast information:

  • Channel 17, Bethlehem Community Network Television Bethlehem
    Tuesdays at 8:30 am

  • Channel 17, Town of Colonie Government Station Colonie, NY
    Early in the month, once a day for a week. See Channel 17 Program Schedule for specific times.

  • Channel 16, Open Stage Media Schenectady County
    Fridays at 6:00 pm

  • Channel 18, Time Warner Cable most other counties in the Capital District
    First Monday of the month at 12:30 pm

You can watch some of the stories told during these programs by visiting this page with links our YouTube channel storybystory.


Our Most Recent Shows

January 2017 with guest Motoko

Motoko tells The Secret of Longevity, starting at 15:08
Motoko tells The Rainy Day, starting at 19:13
Motoko tells The Boundless Strength, starting at 34:36
Motoko tells The Divided Daughter, starting at 49:05

December 2016 with guest Eliud Nieves

Eliud Nieves tells Robert's Angel, starting at 14:48
Eliud Nieves tells Tia Miseria, starting at 41:18
Eliud Nieves tells The Ruby From India, starting at 48:50

November 2016 with guest Sandy Schuman

Sandy Schuman tells Get Happy, starting at 14:58
Sandy Schuman tells The Forgotten Man, starting at 39:00

October 2016 with guest Johanna Shogun re. the Van Schaick Mansion

Alden (Joe) Doolittle tells The Story of Janey McCray, starting at 17:30
Alden (Joe) Doolittle tells The Story That Won the Battle, starting at 42:10

September 2016 with guest Betty Cassidy

Betty Cassidy tells The $100 Bill, starting at 18:22
Betty Cassidy tells The Woman Behind the Glass, starting at 36:29

August 2016 with guest Margaret French

Margaret French tells The First Woman Buyer, starting at 16:55
Margaret French tells My Financial Career, my Stephen Leacock, starting at 47:54

July 2016 with guests The Storycrafters

The Storycrafters tell Heaven and Hell, starting at 23:38
The Storycrafters tell Princess and the Pea Rap, starting at 47:08

June 2016 with guests Alden (Joe) Doolittle and Kate Dudding

Kate Dudding tells My Mother's Piano, starting at 16:50
Kate Dudding tells Larry's Story, starting at 36:35

May 2016 with guest Barbara Palumbo

Barbara Palumbo tells The Professor and the Chauffeur, starting at 16:36
Barbara Palumbo tells A Born Thief, starting at 40:00

April 2016 with guest Marni Gillard

Marni Gillard tells St. Patrick's Teenage Years, starting at 25:38
Marni Gillard tells Our Lady of Guadalupe, starting at 45:30

Story Circle is one of the first resident storytelling companies
at a US performing arts center

Proctors, 432 State Street, Schenectady, New York
Photos of some of Story Circle's performers